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Steps announce silly reunion

By | Published on Friday 22 July 2011


Earlier this month, former Steps singer Claire Richards told the Daily Mail that a reunion of her former pop outfit would be “a bit silly”.

Richards said: “We do get offers all the time, which we consider, although up until now it’s never really been right for everybody. Maybe it’s just my age, but I can’t really see myself up on stage in one of those bright costumes doing what we did. It’s taken me this long to get to a place where I’m happy with what I’m doing and trying to build a career of my own. To drop all that to go back seems a bit silly”.

So, what is next on the agenda for Richards’ career? Why, she’s reuniting with her former Steps bandmates, of course. It’s been confirmed that the cheesy pop five-piece will get back together for a new documentary series on Sky Living. The show will examine what lead to the group’s split in 2001, and watch them try to rebuild their relationships as they relaunch themselves upon the British public.

ITV Studios Creative Director Michael Kelpie said: “Steps came, they entertained and then went their separate ways. Their split was acrimonious, messy and played out on the front pages of the national newspapers. This documentary series reveals the truths behind the polished pop façade that led to the break-up of one of the most successful pop acts in the UK. Steps will face their demons as they try to rebuild both personal and working relationships. It will undoubtedly be explosive viewing”.

Sky’s Head Of Factual Entertainment Mark Sammon added: “We’ll document the in-fighting, jealousy and power struggles – it’s not the sugar-coated Steps we all remember. I’m delighted this British pop phenomenon has given us access to their stories. And we can expect tears and dramatic confrontation as they attempt to put the past behind them and re-launch Steps ten years on from their split”.

With Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Ian ‘H’ Watkins, Lee Latchford-Evans and Faye Tozer all apparently on board, the programme will coincide with the release of a new ‘best of’ compilation.