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Steve Aoki defends cake

By | Published on Tuesday 12 August 2014

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki has written an article for The Daily Beast defending the fact that when he DJs he sometimes leaves the decks to throw cake at people or sail atop the crowd in an inflatable dinghy. That’s basically it. Except that he takes over 2500 words to say it.

Actually, a large chunk of the article is taken up by dealing with the scourge of many a superstar DJ – allegations that he just plays mix CDs and doesn’t do any DJing at all.

Here’s a little nugget: “I’ve never played a mix CD. So if I’m going to get in front of the DJ booth for an activity, that means that I have to sacrifice time working on the song as it’s being played. It’s a lot of stress to deal with when you have a song that might end if you don’t get back in time. But that is my way of engaging with the crowd. Everyone has their own style and some DJs have mastered the art of using filters and EQs to help connect the audience with a song or a mood. That is their tool. This is mine”.

I think he’s basically saying that he’s doesn’t think he’s that great at DJing there, but what you should take away from it is that he is DJing nonetheless. And if people enjoy paying to see a man play some records and throw a bit of cake around, as they seem to in their thousands, how much does it really matter?

Anyway, I think this article is supposed to promote the fact that Aoki has a new album coming out next month, though you have to read all 2500 odd words to get to that bit of information. It’s quite a test of endurance for very little pay-off. Take the challenge here.