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Stone Roses probably doing another album, don’t all punch the air at once

By | Published on Monday 14 March 2016

The Stone Roses

The Stones Roses are on the verge of announcing their third album, according to reports. New reports. Not like those old reports about the band’s third album that turned out to be wrong.

“Ian Brown and the lads have been busy getting their next album ready”, a source who didn’t feel the need to add weight to their claim by offering their name told The Mirror. “It will be album number three”, they added entirely unnecessarily.

Other information provided though not required is that the album has been “a long time coming”, that the band have been “in the studio”, and that “everyone” is “very excited” about “it”.

Anyway, despite my cynicism, I suspect this news is probably true. So we can all look forward to endless ranting from people with unbecoming haircuts on the band’s brand new recordings for the rest of the year.

“They’ve shown these modern bands like Coldplay a thing or two”, they’ll say, struggling even to convince themselves that the new music is anything other than an embarrassment. And then they’ll bang on about how The Stone Roses were the best band of the 90s, even though their two previous albums were patchy at best.

There has been no official comment on the rumours. And long may it stay that way.