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Stop the N-Dubz reunion rumours, says Fazer

By | Published on Monday 28 July 2014


So, you may have seen reports lately that made claims about an N-Dubz reunion. It has been said that they’ll “start recording in the second half of next year” and that they will “definitely be writing new material”. I hope you weren’t too excited, because none of that is true.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Fazer from the group said of the reunion last week: “Nah, that’s not in the question right now, that’s just rumours. There’s been no conversations between the three of us about reforming anything at the moment. I’m fully focused on my solo stuff right now and that’s all that matters”.

So that’s that. You shouldn’t trust whoever said those things about the reunion. Who was that again? Oh yeah, it was that Fazer from N-Dubz. Well, unless the Daily Mail was making it up.