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Streets man cameos in Doc Who

By | Published on Monday 26 April 2010

The Streets’ Mike Skinner had a cameo on this weekend’s ‘Doctor Who’, playing a spaceship-based security guard convinced he was in a leafy park having been kissed by a woman wearing “hallucinogenic lipstick”. So, just a normal day out for Skinner presumably.

I’m only mentioning this because it gives me an excuse to say “that was the best ‘Dr Who’ episode ever”, and then join in with the other whiners in the Who fan community who are angry with the Beeb for plonking a big moving cartoon of a gurning Graham Norton across the bottom of the screen just at the most crucial moment during the climax of the show, designed to plug the next programme in the schedule.

I rarely watch live TV these days, but whenever I do I’m reminded that the best thing about TV-on-demand is that you don’t get tedious continuity announcers and distracting ‘up next’ plugs, and all those other irritating promo devices used by network chiefs who seem to think the primary role of a TV channel these days is to plug the show that’s on next, rather than letting people watch the show that’s currently airing.

It’s only a matter of time before the over-funded over-powerful BBC marketing department arrive at the offices of Team iPlayer insisting their cheesy cartoons, terrible trailers and stupid continuity people get stamped all over the VOD platform. I urge everyone involved in iPlayer to prepare for that day, guns in the filing cabinet, grenades in the bins and machetes hidden in the coat rack.

Meanwhile, part two of the current ‘Doc Who’ story will air on Saturday. Skinner won’t be in it though. His character was dead before the credits rolled.