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Stuart Cable killed by “vodka diet”, says girlfriend

By | Published on Tuesday 22 February 2011

Stuart Cable

Former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable died because he’d switched his drink of choice from lager to vodka in a bid to get fit for live shows with his band Killing For Company, his girlfriend has revealed.

As previously reported, Cable was found dead at his home in June last year. He had been celebrating his 40th birthday and drinking heavily. He fell asleep on the floor in his living room and chocked to death after vomiting, triggered by acute alcohol poisoning.

Cable’s girlfriend, Rachel Jones, who is launching a new campaign to warn people of the dangers of drinking spirits to excess, told the Daily Record: “Stuart was getting ready for a festival. All the guys were getting gig-fit. There are diets that say a vodka is better than half a lager because it is lower in calories. Stuart had a large amount of spirits that night and that took its toll on him. Spirits are so strong that people don’t realise what they are doing to them”.

Jones is now campaigning for stronger warnings on spirits. She said: “If you saw someone drinking poison or bleach you would stop them. People need to be aware that spirits can lead to deaths”.