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Sub Pop to give away music with promotional items

By | Published on Thursday 5 August 2010

Sub Pop is apparently considering changing its business model to sell novelty items, with which they will give away music.

Okay, I don’t think it’s actually a serious proposition, but here’s what the label’s general manager Megan Jasper told Seattle Weekly anyway: “Although Sub Pop is primarily known for its many fine artists and their really very fine recordings (also grunge), we’re not at all opposed to expanding into the fine world of t-shirts, hats, beer cozies, and key chains. We used to give many of these tchotchke items away for free in an effort to entice people to pay for the music, but we’re considering flipping our strategy so that people pay for the toy and receive the music for free. Just a thought”.

Of course, with things like Music Tees and Will Oldham’s recent bottle cork promotion, some people are already doing this.