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Sub Pop’s Jonathan Poneman diagnosed with Parkinson’s

By | Published on Wednesday 5 June 2013

Jonathan Poneman

Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he revealed in an interview with The Seattle Times. In fact, he received the diagnosis in 2010, but has waited until now to go public.

Despite the effect the disease has had and will have on his life, Poneman says he has a positive outlook, telling the paper: “You have these morbid thoughts. Then you realise that if things are going to go away, they are not going to go away immediately. My love of life and its precious elements became more vivid at the thought of seeing them fade away. When you’re confronted with the concrete, finite aspects of life. As ironic as it sounds, I am truly grateful to the disease”.

Poneman remains at work, and regularly attends gigs, though says he’s now “less inclined to go up front because I am a human bowling pin”.