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Sunn o))) and Scott Walker hangin out, doin shit

By | Published on Thursday 3 July 2014

Scott Walker & Sunn O)))

Scott Walker and Sunn o))) are doing something together. What? Dunno. An album maybe. 4AD is involved, so an album seems likely. Or an EP perhaps. But it’s something. We have that to cling onto. Let’s hold each other.

So far the only information available is on the website, which features a Scott o))) logo and the 4AD logo. So that confirms everything I said in the first paragraph.

Anyway, here’s ‘Epizootics!’ from Walker’s last album, ‘Bisch Bosch’:

And here’s ‘Big Church’ from Sunn o)))’s last album, ‘Monoliths & Dimensions’:

Now try to imagine both of those playing AT THE SAME TIME.

Sunn o))) also released an album with Ulver earlier this year. So, they’ve been busy.