Susan Boyle debuts Depeche Mode cover

By | Published on Monday 3 October 2011

Susan Boyle

Oh, Susan Boyle. Why must your management continue to make you cover songs from the rock realm? We’ll allow ‘Wild Horses’, that was quite nice. But ‘Perfect Day’, given its opium-wreathed beginnings, was perhaps a bridge too far. Ironically enough given its title, Depeche Mode’s somber synth classic ‘Enjoy The Silence’ is the latest track to receive the SuBo treatment.

Susan says of the song, which is taken from her forthcoming third album ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’: “The melody is just beautiful. But really that lyric sounds like it will touch so many people in the way it touched me”.

Well, here it is. Make your own choice now: ‘Enjoy The Silence’ or enjoy some silence.