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Sŵn Festival launches new educational programme for artists

By | Published on Wednesday 19 October 2016

Sŵn Festival

Organisers of Cardiff’s Sŵn Festival have announced the launch of a new training, advice and support programme for musicians in Wales called Barod. The pilot programme will stage a number of workshops and events in Cardiff in early 2017 aimed at providing artists with access to knowledge and advice on the modern music industry.

That will include an intensive workshops programme from CMU:DIY, reworking the popular CMU Insights seminars series for music business professionals so that it is very much targeted at artists and songwriters, and explaining the different ways musicians can make money, the business partners they work with, how music rights work, and how to build a fanbase.

In addition to that, there will a number of a stand-alone artist development workshops, plus a Welsh Music Industry Gathering on 7 Apr.

Confirming the new educational initiative, Sŵn Festival co-founder John Rostron said this morning: “At Sŵn we work with hundreds of bands every year. Many ask us for help or advice and we found there were particular issues that kept coming back again and again. It was this that inspired us to create Barod”.

He added: “We want to focus on practical training and workshops to give bands the tools they need to help their career or make their lives in a band much easier, so they can get on making music and playing shows. It’s a really exciting step for us to branch out from being promoters and festival makers into offering this new way to support music in Wales”.

There is more information about the programme here.