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Syco parts with another X winner

By | Published on Monday 16 February 2015

Sam Bailey

If ITV is looking for a replacement for ‘The Big Reunion’, how about this: ITV2 gets together all the ‘X-Factor’ winners quietly dropped by Simon Cowell’s Syco label once it had fulfilled its one album release obligations.

Then we can follow them all as they tour the karaoke bars of Britain, with the viewing public voting on which one seems the most bitter about the whole ‘X’ experience. No, what am I talking about, Steve Brookstein would win hands down rendering the whole competition element pointless. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Meanwhile, ‘X-Factor’ 2013 winner Sam Bailey has been dropped by Syco. But there’s no bitterness here, oh no. Look, the Daily Mail is quoting a Syco source as saying “everyone wishes Sam all the best for the future. After discussion, it was just felt it was the right time to follow different paths”.

While Bailey herself has been busy tweeting: “Hi guys, yes it’s true I have parted ways with Syco! Don’t worry though, I’m happy. Lots of exciting things happening”.

That’s right. I mean, there’s ‘The Big X-Flop Reunion’ for starters. Twice nightly on ITV 9.