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Syco signing all X-Factor finalists

By | Published on Thursday 16 December 2010

I think Simon Cowell’s contract with ITV should state that he’s only allowed to sign the winners of the ‘X-Factor’ competition, and contenders on the show should be forced to accept a life of stacking shelves in Tesco if they lose, otherwise, well, what’s the point of the entire phone vote thing if he’s going to sign everyone anyway?

Either One Direction, Olly Murs and JLS should report to the check out at their nearest Sainsburys, or Cowell and co should be forced to return the millions they’ve earned from X-Factor final phone votes over the years.

Anyway, according to reports, Cowell’s SyCo record company is in the process of signing all four finalists from this year’s ‘X-Factor’ show, so that’s winner Matt Cardle, the Cowell created boy band that is One Direction and the two lady finalists, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd. Place your bets now which one will be this year’s Gareth Gates.

A source told the Daily Star that “Simon’s always said he wants feisty characters who know what type of artist they are. And he certainly has that in Cher, Rebecca and One Direction”. The tab adds that Cher Lloyd’s contract will allow for a certain to have a creative role in her career. Whether that means a debut album full of songs illegally sampling other tracks, I couldn’t possibly say.