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Take That like to keep Jason Orange abreast of what’s going on

By | Published on Tuesday 21 March 2017

Take That

Take That still keep Jason Orange up to date with what they’re doing, in the hope that they might coax him back into the group. Although they’re still not really sure why he left in the first place, so it’s not clear they will ever identify the kind of information that might facilitate a reunion.

“I don’t think there [was a specific] reason”, Mark Owen tells The Sun. “It’s quite simple: he doesn’t want to do it. It’s not like he has a bad ankle, that would be easier. It’s his choice and we’ve got to respect that. We tried our best to convince him. We’re still in contact. We always try to keep him involved in everything that we do to some extent, so he knows what our plans are. Every now and again we drop into conversation: ‘Hey, do you fancy coming back next year?'”

The group have previously said that they’d like to get both Orange and Robbie Williams back for a 25th anniversary show later this year, but it seems as if that’s unlikely to happen.

“The most important thing is that he’s happy”, continues Owen of their continued relationship with Orange. “He’s not going: ‘I wish I could come back’, because he knows he could. He’s happy doing what he’s doing.

Gary Barlow adds that retaining friendship is more important to him than reuniting the full group. Noting past tensions, he said: “We’ve had that before [when Williams originally left the group] and we’ll do anything not to go there again. It has been left on a good note and it’s an open door for Jay and Rob. This band is for us all to come and go as we please”.

Oh, so there’s now a revolving door policy? It needs to be one-in-one-out though, because Mark Owen reckons the band look their best as a trio. “I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but when I see pictures of the three of us, it looks right”, he says, disrespectfully. “It took time and at first I was like: ‘I don’t recognise that band. It looks odd’. Now it’s stranger to see a picture of four of us”.

Maybe it’ll be Jason Orange’s famous love of photobombing that will eventually entice him back then.