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Taylor Swift fan got security job at Nashville stadium after missing out on tickets

By | Published on Monday 22 May 2023

Taylor Swift

A security guard who was filmed singing along to all the songs at Taylor Swift’s recent shows in Nashville has admitted that he applied for a job stewarding at the concerts after missing out on tickets.

After the videos of Davis Perrigo clearly enjoying Swift’s performance while performing his stewarding role went viral, News Channel 5 Nashville spoke to the TikTok famous security guard, who is actually an accountant by day.

When he wasn’t able to secure tickets for the Nashville dates on Swift’s ongoing US tour, he decided to apply for a job working at the shows. That meant he couldn’t capture any moments of the concerts on his own phone, but it turns out he didn’t need to, as Swift’s fans started filming him.

Having been made aware that those clips were going viral, Perrigo says: “I showed someone at work, like, ‘Hey, this video got 10,000 views’, and then by that night, it was over one million. I was like, ‘OMG, this is out of control”.

As for his Swift singalong abilities, he adds: “My wife jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such passion for someone who’s never been broken up with”.

So that’s all fun. And, I guess, next time Ticketmaster’s Verified Fans system goes into meltdown and Swift fans get annoyed that they haven’t secured tickets for her shows, the ticketing site could just link those fans through to the venue’s recruitment site.