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Taylor Swift wishes Ed Sheeran could walk faster

By | Published on Thursday 13 September 2018

Taylor Swift

People use different things to motivate themselves when they’re exercising. I have an app that regularly tells me I’m being chased by zombies and need to run faster, for instance. Ed Sheeran, meanwhile, has the actual Taylor Swift on hand to lay into his all round lack of physical fitness.

Swift last night shared a video on Instagram of her and Sheeran on some sort of hike. “You OK, bro?” she asks her companion sarcastically, as he huffs and puffs his way up a hill. He responds by giving her the finger.

“It’s called exercise, have you ever done cardio?” she asks a bit further along.

“Huh, now and then”, he manages to wheeze out.

“Strumming a guitar doesn’t count”, she adds witheringly.

Sandwiched in between these two clips is a breezier exchange, apparently filmed during happier times. A time before hills. A time before Taylor Swift had to drop her pace in order to rag on poor old Ed Sheeran. Here Sheeran holds the camera and asks who is going to win at the American Music Awards.

“Taylor, the AMA nominations just came out”, says Sheeran. “It’s me, you and Drake”.

Both pick each other as the likely winner, then concede that actually Drake will probably win. Oh, they’re so down to earth these guys. Although Swift does then spoil it by asking people to vote in the AMAs in the video’s caption. She doesn’t say who to vote for, but we all know what she’s implying.

If you actually go and look at the AMA nominations, you’ll see that they’ve already discounted other artists in their casual chit chat. While it is just Swift, Sheeran and Drake up for Best Pop/Rock Album, in the Album Of The Year category Post Malone and Imagine Dragons are also nominated. So that’s clearly Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran stating that they’re definitely better than Post Malone and Imagine Dragons.

To be fair, they are. But it’s not really for them to say, is it? And I bet Post Malone is a champion hiker.