Temporary guardianship of Jackson children given to cousin

By | Published on Friday 27 July 2012

Tito Jackson Jr

Amidst much confusion, the guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three children has been taken away from their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and given to one of their cousins, Tito Jackson Jr, son of the late king of pop’s brother Tito.

The temporary change follows reports last week that the Jackson matriarch had gone missing, and tweets from Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris saying she had not seen her grandmother for over a week and was worried. Some of Michael’s siblings subsequently told the media that their mother was fine, but needed some rest, and was staying with one of her daughters, Rebbie. They added that when they tried to visit Michael’s children at their LA home to explain the situation they were turned away at the gate.

Certainly there are tensions between different members of the wider Jackson clan, with Michael’s son Prince seemingly taking to Twitter this week to accuse certain unnamed individuals of trying to stop him and his brother and sister from seeing their grandmother, and of interfering in the way they are cared for. And when a judge decided this week to temporarily grant guardianship of the children to TJ Jackson, he reportedly did so on the grounds that “third parties” were preventing Katherine Jackson from properly fulfilling her guardian role.

As previously reported, rising tensions between rival Jacksons seem to have risen after some of the late singer’s siblings accused the executors of the pop star’s estate of fabricating the will that put them in charge. The estate has denied those allegations and Tito Senior, while originally amongst those Jacksons making the ‘fake will’ claims, has now distanced himself from the conspiracy theory, possibly as part of the move to make his son guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Though this week’s court decision regards the guardianship is temporary, and Katherine Jackson is expected to fight to remain the three children’s guardian once she returns to LA.