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Tesco and Warner UK back on talking terms

By | Published on Friday 22 October 2010

You can sleep soundly this weekend, people, because the repackaged version of Michael Buble’s ‘Crazy Love’ album will be sold by Tesco after all.

As previously reported, Warner UK top man boss bloke Christian Tattersfield told Music Week earlier this week that his company wouldn’t be supplying new releases to the supermarket giant because the retailer was making unreasonable demands in a review of the two firm’s trading terms. But when Music Week spoke to Tesco, its entertainments man seemed confused by Tattersfield’s statement, saying that as far as he was concerned negotiations between the two companies were progressing nicely.

Anyway, whatever the dibbins was going on, both sides are now happy again. A Warner spokesman told Music Week yesterday: “Following further discussions this week, we’re pleased to say we have agreed satisfactory trading terms with Tesco. As a result, their stores will be stocking our fantastic line-up of forthcoming releases”.

Though, more worryingly, still no word on whether Tesco’s Shoreditch branch will ever start stocking Cheshire Cheese again.