Tesco planning digital locker service

By | Published on Tuesday 15 June 2010

Tesco are reportedly planning to launch a ‘digital locker’ service which will enable people to access digital content they have bought, both audio and video, from numerous net-connected devices without having to actually move or copy their MP3 or MPEG files.

Digital content bought via the Tesco Entertainment site can be automatically saved into said locker, though whether users will be able to upload all their other music and video files into it as well isn’t clear; though you’d think they could, otherwise it would be a bit of a rubbish service.

The idea of digital lockers has been around for years, but is possibly now gaining traction as consumers have more and more net connected devices through which they’d like to access the same content. Whether the internet can cope with us all suddenly streaming our MP3 collections from an online digital locker rather than playing them from a folder on our local PCs is another matter entirely.

Tech Digest says that the Tesco digital locker service could go live as soon as October, and will be promoted by retail chains in the Dixons group as well as in Tesco shops.