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The Arabian Prince sues over Fergilicious cut

By | Published on Friday 13 March 2009 reports that former Nigga With Attitude The Arabian Prince, aka Kim Nazel, is suing NWA’s former label for royalties he claims to be owed as a result of a song he co-wrote and produced being sampled in the Fergie track ‘Fergilicious’.

A 1988 track called ‘Supersonic’ by US female rap trio JJ Fad was sampled in the Black Eyed Peas’ second solo single release in 2006. Nazel co-wrote and produced the track and says that, as a result, he owns 20% of it, but that he hasn’t received any royalties in relation to the Fergie sample off Ruthless Records, the hip hop label who manages the song.

His lawsuit names Ruthless, the widow of his former bandmate Eazy-E, Tomika Wright, who now heads up the label, and former NWA manager and co-founder of the record company Jerry Heller. He claims he has tried to collect his cut of the royalties from Ruthless on several occasions, but his approaches have been knocked back.

Ruthless are yet to respond to the litigation.