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Single Review: The Boy Least Likely To – The Law Of The Playground (Too Young To Die)

By | Published on Monday 9 March 2009

The Boy Least Likely To

Often compared to the likes of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Belle & Sebastian (is that really a good mix?), Wendover’s The Boy Least Likely To have “twee standard” stamped all over them like a bad case of the chicken pox. Twee is good when it’s subtle, earnest and used sparingly at the appropriate moments – not when it’s forced and sweeter than pink candyfloss. Unfortunately, The Boy Least Likely To’s recent effort, sophomore album ‘The Law Of The Playground’, suffers from the latter – yes, it’s sweet, and yes, it’s twee, but there comes a point when childlike charm is pushed too far and you do, in fact, begin to imagine small infants and fluffy bunnies playing the music rather than a pair of strapping young men. The result is an album that – while pleasant at times with the likes of the toe-tapping ‘When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade’ (shudder shudder, what a title!) – is far too samey. Three songs into ‘The Law Of The Playground’ and I feel like I’ve listened to it all already. The boy least likely to what? Make a record that will keep me awake? TW

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