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The Farm’s Peter Hooton to lead Liverpool’s Beatles Legacy Group

By | Published on Thursday 25 February 2016

The Beatles

There’s quite a lot of Beatles-related stuff in Liverpool already. But is it enough? That’s the question The Farm’s Peter Hooton has been tasked with answering as the new head of The Beatles Legacy Group.

The city’s council has set up the group following the publication of a recent report which showed that the band’s legacy generates £81.9 million for the local economy per year and provides 2335 people with jobs. Sounds pretty good, but the council reckons there’s more Beatles cash to be wrung out of that there legacy.

“I’m delighted that I’ve been asked by the Mayor to chair the Beatles Legacy Group”, said Hooton. “I’ve always been passionate and proud of Liverpool’s musical heritage, especially our most famous sons The Beatles. I hope the Beatles Legacy Group can come up with strategies and ideas to enhance the already superb attractions the city has to offer, in order to attract even more visitors in the future to our ‘city of music'”.

Of his immediate plans, he added: “The report highlighted the need to work with and engage with young people, so I look forward to exploring all options around this with the group”.

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson commented: “Setting up a Legacy Group was one of the main recommendations of the report and from the outset. I wanted an artist to be the Chair and Peter was my first choice. He understands the industry, and the value of the Beatles to Liverpool, and will always look at the bigger picture in terms of making decisions that are best for the city and the city’s reputation”.

The first official meeting of the Beatles Legacy Group is due to take place next month.