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The Great Escape 2012: Yearly Music Conference Awards presented

By | Published on Monday 14 May 2012

The 2012 Yearly Music Conference Awards, or YMCAs to its friends, were presented at a late morning gathering at The Great Escape on Saturday morning.

With the showcase festival and music conference season reaching its conclusion for another year, before heading to the fields for the big summer events the YMCAs is a chance to look back at the music convention year just gone (plus a sneaky way to justify vodka cocktails at 11am on a Saturday morning). And the winners were…

Categories with a public vote:
Best Delegate Bag: SxSW
Best Bar: Primavera Pro Bar
Best Hotel/Convention Bar: Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallin Music Week
Best App: BigSound
Best Export Office: Nordic Export Office
Best Networking, Event, Trip or Service: International Delegates Lounge, Canadian Music Week and Mikey’s Montreal Tour at M For Montreal (joint winners)
Best Award Show: Breakout West Awards
Best Regional/Smaller Awards: Novia Scotia Music Week

Categories picked by the YMCAs committee:
Incident Of The Year: Peter Briggs tearing tendons playing football during the ILMC’s Wembley Stadium trip
Punch Up Of The Year: Mark Meharry v IMPALA at Tallin Music Week
Convention Junkie Of The Year: Ruud Berends from Eurosonic

In addition to the main awards, the YMCAs Hall Of Fame was opened for business for the first time, and the following five things were inducted.

1. YMCAs at The Great Escape – For being the best music conference based awards event.
2. The Eurosonic Bag – For being consistently the best bag of the year.
3. Donna Close from Brighton & Hove City Council – For her constant support of The Great Escape.
4. Millie Millgate, Sounds Australia – For consistently great showcase events around the world.
5. Neill Dixon – For 30 years of Canadian Music Week.