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The Great Escape 2022 is go!

By | Published on Wednesday 11 May 2022

The Great Escape 2022

The Great Escape has kicked off in Brighton, the first in-person edition of the showcase festival and music industry conference since before the pandemic. Music industry delegates from across the world are arriving in the city to check out and experience hundreds of great artists and bands, and to network and learn within the TGE Conference.

That conference includes three full-day CMU+TGE strands. The first of those strands kicked off this morning putting the spotlight on music and education, with conversations and debates galore exploring how music educators and the music industry can better support early-career talent taking place through to 5pm today.

Tomorrow’s CMU+TGE strands is all about music and data. To kick things off at 10am, CMU will launch its own label and release its own record, all in the first few minutes of the day.

Delegates will then follow that track on its data journey, as we identify all the ways in which data gets music played and artists paid. The aim is to build a data to do a list and understand the role labels, publishers, managers – and artists and songwriters themselves – all play making sure the data flows. Plus, we’ll identify a number of issues around music and explore some of the proposed solutions.

Later in the day the focus will be fan data, as we explore how artists, labels, promoters and managers use the data that comes back into the music industry – from streaming, ticketing, social media and digital advertising – to drive listening, sell tickets and build a direct-to-fan relationship. And after that, we’ll help you understand what all the chatter about NFTs and blockchain is really about.

Alongside the CMU+TGE strand tomorrow – and a selection of great panels and parties presented by TGE’s industry partners – there will also be two keynote in conversations. We’ll chat to the team who represented Ed Sheeran in the recent ‘Shape Of You’ legal battle, and we’ll talk to Tom Gray, Kevin Brennan MP and Naomi Pohl about the economics of streaming campaign.

To browse all the CMU curated sessions happening at TGE this year in one place – check this handy webpage here. To navigate the wider TGE Conference programme – including all the panels, parties and sessions presented by TGE’s industry partners – download the official app.