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CMU Insights: The Key Music Business Trends 2019 seminar

By | Published on Friday 18 January 2019


Next week, CMU’s Chris Cooke will be presenting a streamlined version of the CMU Insights seminar ‘Key Music Business Trends 2019’ for participants on the brilliant she.grows mentoring programme run by the UK wing of the network.

The session – also available to any music company as an in-house training course from CMU Insights – provides a punchy overview of the key developments that occurred in the business of music in 2018, with some pointers on what to expect in the year ahead.

While we all know the headlines, it can be hard to keep up with all the key developments, let alone understand what any changes and innovations actually mean for artists, songwriters and their business partners. This seminar helps people navigate and understand what’s going on, with sections covering things like the streaming business, copyright reform, the big ticketing debates and the ongoing challenges around music data.

Among the questions tackled: What are the challenges and opportunities for the streaming sector as it becomes the record industry’s most important revenue stream? What do copyright reforms in the US and Europe really mean for how artists and songwriters get paid? Can out-of-control online ticket touting really become a thing of the past? And how can the music industry better utilise the mountain of fan data it is now sitting on?

For those involved in the she.grows programme, we look forward to seeing you next week! If you think your team could benefit from the full seminar, click here to find out more, and click here for information on our full range of in-house training services.