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The music publishing sector comments on the bloody Copyright Directive

By | Published on Wednesday 27 March 2019


The Association Of Independent Music Publishers: “[This directive finally grants] independent publishers, songwriters, and other rights-holders the ability to demand fair payment from digital services that have previously been shielded by safe harbour laws. Now, these services will be required to police their own content to ensure they are not hosting copyrighted works, ending the days of endless takedown letters and putting the burden of responsibility back where it belongs. We strongly encourage the US government to look to this law as a guide for future legislation, and look forward to the day when independent publishers and songwriters throughout the entire world will be granted the rights now established by the EU”.

CISAC Director-General Gadi Oron: “The European Union has laid the foundation for a better and fairer digital environment – one in which creators will be in a stronger position to negotiate fair licence fees when their works are used by big online platforms. This is a hugely important achievement not just for Europe, but for the millions of creators which CISAC represents across the world. We are grateful to all those in the European institutions who have tirelessly worked on this directive and hope that it will lead the way for countries outside the EU to follow”.

PRS CEO Robert Ashcroft: “This is about creating a fair and functioning market for creative works of all kinds on the internet. It’s about making sure that ordinary people can upload videos and music to platforms like YouTube without being held liable for copyright – that responsibility will henceforth be transferred to the platforms. This is about modernising the internet and it’s a massive step forward for consumers and creators alike”.