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The National announce Guilty Parties for Guilty Party

By | Published on Friday 30 June 2017

The National

The National have released a new single from their upcoming new album, ‘Sleep Well Beast’, titled ‘Guilty Party’. They’ve also announced two special shows, also being put on under the name Guilty Party.

The Guilty Parties will take place on 14-15 Jul at the Basilica Hudson in the New York state city of Hudson. The collaborative shows, performed in the round, will see the band joined by Buke & Gase, Nadia Sirota, Mouse On Mars, SŌ Percussion and others. Each of the 700 people who get tickets for the shows will also be given a copy of ‘Guilty Party’ on seven-inch vinyl. Sounds like a right old time.

Are there more opportunities to say ‘Guilty Party’ in this story? Oh yes. Because there’s also a video for the song, you see. What song? ‘Guilty Party’, of course. The director of the ‘Guilty Party’ video, Casey Reas says: “The video is a dream about memory and the degradation of memory; it’s about distance in time and space. Time moves forward, but then backward as memory. The image of the two-faced Roman god Janus, who can look into the past and future, is the core visual language”.

Watch the ‘Guilty Party’ video for ‘Guilty Party’ here: