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The National score ‘Game Of Thrones’ episode

By | Published on Monday 28 May 2012

The National

The National are the latest indie act to cash in by scoring a major media franchise (Arcade Fire composing for ‘The Hunger Games’ being a past example), having recorded a little something for medieval TV romp ‘Game Of Thrones’. And why on earth shouldn’t they? The track is entitled ‘The Rains Of Castamere’, and will be broadcast as part of the series’ second season.

Apparently, Castamere is (or rather, was) “a castle in the Westerlands and the seat of House Reyne. It was destroyed by Tywin Lannister when House Reyne rose in rebellion against their liege lord, Tytos Lannister”. And thanks to the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Wiki for that information. Not that I’m any the wiser.

But whatever Castemere is (or was), you can hear The National’s Matt Berninger muttering earnestly about it below.

Since we’re on the subject of Mr Berninger, I may as well mention that the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter last week also announced he’d be narrating new children’s ‘story app’ called ‘Dragon Bush’. He has said of the project, which will feature music by his bandmates Aaron and Bryce Dessner, that “the story has all my favourite things. Waterfalls, magical dragons, and the sound of my own voice”.