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The O2 sells its fifteen millionth ticket

By | Published on Tuesday 10 March 2015

The O2

London’s most magnificent fun tent The O2 has just sold its fifteen millionth ticket – and to an Olly Murs fan no less – which is quite an achievement given the arena complex only opened its doors eight years ago, and at least one high profile entertainer bailed on his 50 night residency claiming, somewhat lamely, that his surprising premature death made attendance tricky.

To help put this achievement into perspective, fifteen million tickets equates to…

• One ticket for every person living in Zambia.

• One ticket for every person living in LA – though not if you’ve just given them all to the population of Zambia, who might be annoyed if you stole them back.

• One ticket for every paying subscriber to Spotify – though I think they’ve had enough music for the time being, thank you very much.

• One ticket for every dollar Sony is spending to deal with the fallout of last year’s big server hack – though I’m not sure how that would help.

• One ticket for every person expected to buy an Apple Watch this year – though would you really want all those people in one place at one time?

• One ticket for every passenger who travelled through Geneva airport last year – even though Olly Murs hasn’t so much as busked there.

• One ticket for every pound being spent on a new park and ride facility in Aberdeen – which is also set to be popular with Olly Murs fans.

• One ticket for everyone who joined the Catholic Church in 2012 – who may or may not be Olly Murs fans. God didn’t return our call when we sought clarification on this.

I trust that helped. And now here’s Rebecca Kane Burton, General Manager of International Venue Of The Year The O2, providing some words: “Getting to fifteen million tickets sold is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates just how popular this venue has become. 2014 was quite a year with many record breaking performances and we’re delighted and honoured that so many artists and their teams choose to play The O2”.