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The record industry comments on the bloody Copyright Directive

By | Published on Wednesday 27 March 2019


International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry CEO Frances Moore: “We thank law-makers for their efforts in navigating a complex environment to pass a directive with noteworthy implications for the content community. This world-first legislation confirms that user-upload content platforms perform an act of communication to the public and must either seek authorisation from rightsholders or ensure no unauthorised content is available on their platforms. The directive also includes a ‘stay down’ provision requiring platforms to keep unlicensed content down – another global first. We now look forward to the implementation stage”.

IMPALA Executive Director Helen Smith: “This is a landmark day for Europe’s creators and citizens, and a significant step towards a fairer internet. Platforms facilitate a unique relationship between artists and fans and this will be given a boost as a result of this directive. It will [also] have a ripple effect world wide. The fact that the artists spoke [in support of the reforms] amid so much anti-copyright harassment online is impressive. Parliamentarians did not let themselves be intimated and had the courage to vote this text through. Thanks to all who were involved in crafting such a balanced outcome. It is now for member states to reconfirm their approval of the directive”. 

BPI CEO Geoff Taylor: “This is the first legislation anywhere in the world that recognises there needs to be a better balance in the relationship between user-upload platforms and the creative community, whose content turbocharges those services. The value gap distorts the music ecosystem and holds back the growth of the UK’s creative industries. The priority now must be to ensure the UK implementation of the directive achieves the goal of closing that gap, and we look forward to working with government and all parties to that end.”

The UK’s Association Of Independent Music: “The passing of the copyright directive into EU law represents a momentous opportunity for music and culture across Europe. Artists and the creative community made their voices heard, and MEPs listened and acted courageously. We are now a step closer to achieving real balance in the online space for artists and the businesses that support them with those who run the platforms and profit from creative content and we look forward to building this system together”.