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The Roots write ode to Stella Artois

By | Published on Thursday 4 August 2016

The Roots

The Roots have teamed up with Stella Artois for a new single, which is a shame. The release is part of the beer brand’s ‘Host One To Remember’ campaign, which aims to convince people to host summer parties to remember. Not drinking Stella at those parties is probably a good way to start.

The song, titled ‘Bittersweet’, is meant to enhance the flavour of Stella Artois if you listen to it while drinking the beer. There are two versions, one of which supposedly makes you notice the sweeter notes in the booze, the other to bring up its bitter qualities (again, in flavour terms, I don’t mean it’ll make you punch someone). It’s 8.27am as I write this, so I’m not able to confirm if this is true or not. I can tell you that the aftertaste of the toothpaste in my mouth has got worse since I started listening to the new track though.

Joining Hilary Duff as an ambassador for the overall campaign, the band’s Questlove says: “This project fuses two of our passions: music and food. As someone who loves to experiment in the studio and in the kitchen, this crazy unique collaboration inspired by Stella Artois was the perfect challenge. You really have to try it to believe it; it will change your perceptions of food, science and entertainment”.

Er, yeah. I’m not sure drinking beer while listening to music can really be described as a culinary experience. Or as science, for that matter. And definitely not food. Whatever makes you feel better about writing a song about some beer though, eh?

Stella’s Vice President Harry Lewis adds: “This summer Stella Artois embarked on a mission to leave a mark on the world of entertaining and inspire people to host their own unforgettable moments. Our collaboration with The Roots continues to push us to that next level of creativity – offering people the chance to experience the incredible taste of a Stella Artois in a new, memorable way”.

Sure, sure. And so confident are The Roots and Stella Artois that this thing definitely works, they’ve not even bothered to indicate which track enhances which flavour. Either that or they’re hoping you’ll drink twelve cans of the stuff trying to work it out. Which probably will lead to you punching someone, after you become enraged that they both sound exactly the same.

Anyway, here’s this one…

…and here’s that one