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The Script rescue woman from motorway crash

By | Published on Friday 5 December 2014

The Script

The Script rescued a woman from a crashed car as they travelled to Manchester to perform at Key103’s Christmas Live concert at Manchester Arena yesterday.

Interviewed by the radio station ahead of the gig, presenter Adam Catterall explained that the woman had called in to say what had happened. Guitarist Mark Sheenan confirmed that they had seen the car hit the central reservation and spin out of control down the motorway.

Frontman Danny O’Donoghue picked up the story, saying: “We jumped out and headed straight over to her car. I tried the door first and it was totally jammed, it wouldn’t open. She was just looking straight forward in shock. I was just trying to get her attention, saying ‘Are you all right, love? Are you all right?’ Meanwhile, Mark noticed that there was smoke coming from the engine. Of course [you shouldn’t usually] move somebody from an accident, but if there’s smoke coming from the engine then you want to get them out as quickly as possible”.

“The girl said she couldn’t feel her legs and stuff”, he continued. “I was really worried, so we just talked to her a little bit, talked her down. She went to move one of her legs, so I knew she had power in her legs. Then she went to get up out of the car but she couldn’t, she was so weak, so we just helped her over to the side of the road, sat her down, put a jacket around her, gave her some drink and stuff and just waited for the ambulance”.

He added that they had subsequently moved her onto their tour bus, where she recovered from the shock of the accident more, saying: “There was a moment when she just went, ‘…oh my god it’s The Script!'”

Once in the ambulance, she apparently got the paramedics to come and ask if she could have a picture taken with the band. “The things people do to meet a band, eh?” joked Sheehan.

Watch possibly the first ‘car crash interview’ in history that the interviewee is happy for you to see in full here: