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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in November 2015

By | Published on Tuesday 1 December 2015


Yes, it’s that time again to look through the most-read news stories of the last month on the CMU website. This time for the month of November 2015. That being the month that’s just gone. Honestly, anyone would think I was trying to bulk this introduction out with unnecessary words.

Anyway, top of the list this month was the news that Radiohead are suing their former label Parlophone and the subsequent debate around the case. The matter relates to deductions made from the band’s download income in 2008 and 2009, totalling £744,000. The money was taken to cover costs incurred by the label in 1991 and 1998.

The label argued that the deadline for the band to dispute such deductions as per their contract had passed. However, the band’s lawyers said that because the contract pre-dated the digital age, there had never been an agreement on what could be deducted from their digital income, and therefore no deadline to meet. Putting this to the High Court, a judge agreed to allow the case to proceed to trial.

Below that was the slightly less serious news that Justin Bieber walked off stage during a TV recording because fans were grabbing at him while he was trying to clear up some water.

The full top ten list is below, but first let’s have our usual look through the most-read features last month. Most popular was Sandi Thom, which aren’t words you often get to write. Specifically, this was a Beef Of The Week column about her anger at BBC Radio 2 for not playlisting her new single. Next up was a new column from Dan Le Sac asking if direct-to-fan artist subscriptions are good value for fans. There was then another Beef Of The Week column, with Sleigh Bells accusing Demi Lovato of unauthorised sampling, an edition of our podcast, and an Approved column on Aidan Knight.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

1: Radiohead sue Parlophone, lawyers debate possible impact
2: Justin Bieber walks off stage after fans hinder urgent cleaning work
3: Prosecution set out to embarrass Kim Dotcom, says MegaUpload defence
4: New York Attorney General asked to investigate Spotify’s unpaid mechanicals
5: Barack Obama guests on new Coldplay album
6: Adele apologises for rude Jew comments
7: Fourth member of Goodbye To Gravity dies after Colectiv Club blaze
8: Elastic Artists admits that financial difficulties have led to unpaid artist fees
9: Martin Garrix sues former manager and label boss
10: Spotify launches new artist data platform

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