The Wanted bequeath new single to Rihanna’s walk

By | Published on Monday 29 April 2013

The Wanted

The Wanted have given their new single a very silly, very Maroon 5-esque title; and that title is… wait for it… ‘Walks Like Rihanna’. I hadn’t realised Rihanna had an unusual/special walk as walks go, but what can I say… clearly I haven’t got The Wanted’s practiced ‘eye’ for that kind of thing.

The track, a Dr Luke creation, is based around the lyrics: “She can’t sing/She can’t dance/But who cares?/She walks like Rihanna”. Is that a slight against Rihanna’s singing/dancing abilities? Again, I can’t say, you’d have to ask The Wanted.

When I asked the band’s Tom Parker to say things about the single, there was no mention of Rihanna’s singing, dancing or walking. Instead he said: “We are really excited about this single. We feel it’s a little different from the usual Wanted sound, we’ve stripped it back to pure pop, it’s just a feel good, fun track”.

He alluringly added: “Fun is a good word to describe the video too. Let’s just say it’s got a lot of character”. Said video will have its ‘international premiere’ on 7 May, by which time we’ll all have heard the single played to death. The end.