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The Weeknd settles song theft lawsuit over Call Out My Name

By | Published on Monday 20 March 2023

The Weeknd

Two producers who sued The Weeknd over song theft allegations have reached a provisional settlement with the musician.

In a 2021 lawsuit, producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange claimed that The Weeknd’s 2018 hit ‘Call Out My Name’ ripped off their 2015 track ‘Vibeking’.

And that happened, they said, after they sent a copy of their song to one of The Weeknd’s collaborators, Eric White aka PNDA. He allegedly then played ‘Vibeking’ to The Weeknd, who responded positively.

Fox and Strange had hoped that the back and forth with White might result in a collaboration with The Weeknd, but that never happened.

And then ‘Call Out My Name’ was released which, the producers reckoned, contained “quantitatively and qualitatively similar material” than their song in terms of “lead guitar and vocal hooks, including melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements”.

The Weeknd’s team denied the song theft claims, but have seemingly now reached a settlement with Fox and Strange.

According to Billboard, a legal filing last week confirmed that Fox and Strange had “reached a settlement in principle” with The Weeknd, though – they added – they are still “in the process of formalising, executing and consummating” the deal.