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Single Review: The xx – Basic Space (Beggars/Young Turks)

By | Published on Monday 3 August 2009

The xx

There’s just something about The xx that surely makes some think “why bother with these pretentious morons?” From the unnecessary lower case letters in the name (the same number you might find in the title of a dodgy Vin Diesel movie), to their insistence that, although they went to the same school as Burial and Hot Chip, they stand alone in their “universal resonance”, there’s just something instantly dislikable about the whole package. As with The Horrors though, the aesthetic doesn’t matter when the substance is actually quite good. And it really is on this, their second single. It’s sparse, pleasant, calming pop, with the combination of male and female vocals adding to a sensuality alraedy offered by the delicate percussion and tingly guitar. A pleasant surprise and one that, despite everything, comes highly recommended. Look out for the debut album, also out in August. TM

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