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“There is nothing spooky about it”, says man turning Ian Curtis’ former home into a museum

By | Published on Tuesday 6 October 2015

Joy Division

The man turning Ian Curtis’s former home into a museum has spoken to The Guardian about the project. And Hadar Goldman denies, as former Joy Division member Bernard Sumner has suggested, that it will become a “monument to suicide”.

Earlier this year, Goldman gazumped a buyer who had already agreed to purchase the property – outbidding a group of Joy Division fans – by offering £75,000 above the £125,000 bid that had taken it off the market. “Some people would pay for a Rembrandt painting”, said Goldman. “For me, Joy Division is the modern Rembrandt”.

Of course, the house itself is not Joy Division, but he reckons it contains some of the “raw energy” that went into the band. On the accusations that there might be something a bit morbid about all this, he adds: “Years pass. We are left with great art, great music. And super-positive energy. There is nothing spooky about it. I would like to take it to a place where it is like a little sun [for] energy projection”.

Currently working through the paperwork required to turn the residential property into a museum, it’s some way off being opened to the public as yet. However, Goldman reckons that within six months the building will at least have a blue plaque on the front.