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Third Edition of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ to be published this week

By | Published on Monday 13 July 2020

Dissecting The Digital Dollar

This week the Music Managers Forum and CMU Insights will publish a brand new edition of the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ book, fully updated for 2020.

MMF has been working with CMU Insights on its ‘Digital Dollar’ project for five years. From the start, the aim was to help managers get to grips with the complex licensing deals and royalty processes that sit at the heart of the streaming music business.

By understanding how it all works, managers can better advise the artists and songwriters they represent; ask all the important questions of the record labels, music distributors, music publishers and collecting societies they work with; and play an informed role in all the debates around the business model, how it is evolving, and where problems remain.

A lot has changed in the five years since the ‘Digital Dollar’ project began. Some issues have been addressed, but others have newly emerged as the market has matured. Meanwhile, additional MMF ‘Digital Dollar’ guides also put the spotlight on evolving record deals, transparency issues, fan data and the complex royalty chains that can stop songwriters from getting paid.

‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar: Third Edition’ brings together all of this work in one place, while the core section explaining the business model has been fully updated to include the latest market trends, copyright reforms in the US and Europe, the impact of Brexit on British artists, the Deezer-led user-centric royalty distribution debate and much more.

The third edition will be launched this Thursday at an MMF event called ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar Five Years On: How Streaming Works And How It Could Work Better’.

CMU’s Chris Cooke will run through the five biggest changes that have happened in streaming since the original ‘Digital Dollar’ report was published, while MMF CEO Annabella Coldrick will set out her organisation’s current priorities for making further change happen.

Plus, a panel of artists, managers and industry experts will discuss how they are successfully incorporating streaming into their business strategies, and what further reforms of the market and the business model could deliver even greater benefits for the artists and songwriters they work with.

Taking part in the debate will be artist Laura Bettinson, Sammy Andrews of Deviate Digital, Shauni Caballero of The Go 2 Agency, Shaurav D’Silva of 2-Tone Entertainment and Matt Johnson of Red Light Management.

The one-hour session will take place via Zoom on Thursday 16 Jul at 5pm. You can reserve a place here.