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This Just-in: Bieber not a prick because he’s famous

By | Published on Tuesday 24 July 2012

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has made it known that Justin Bieber isn’t a prick because he’s famous. He’s just like that. And I for one am glad we got that cleared up. Though, Braun adds, when Bieber acts like a prick, the fault might actually lie with the adults around him, who are too afraid to tell the superstar teen to stop being a dick. The manager specifically recalled one of Bieber’s hilarious recent japes when he locked a producer in a cupboard.

According to Popjustice, Braun told Rolling Stone: “I said [to the producer in question] ‘Let me ask you a question. When he locked you in the closet, did you tell him you were angry?’ He goes: ‘No, I needed him to work, so I laughed’. And I said: ‘So he saw you acknowledge his joke and say it’s OK? Then you’re more to blame than him. He’s a kid, he’s waiting for someone to tell him where the limits are”.

Which is possibly a good point. Though as his manager and the person who plucked the pop teen from obscurity while he was still a child, maybe Braun is the one who should have made the effort to teach Bieber the art of not being an arse. Still, the manager concluded: “When he’s being a prick, it’s not because he’s famous. He’s being a prick because he’s a kid”.

Though how long will that excuse last, now Rolling Stone have declared the singer ‘Hot, Ready, Legal’ on the front of their latest issue?