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Thom Yorke album now available via Bandcamp

By | Published on Tuesday 30 December 2014

Thom Yorke

Having shaken the world – well, at least one tree – by opting to release his most recent solo album direct to fans via BitTorrent’s new content sales platform (cutting out all those pesky “self-elected gatekeepers” in the process, of course), Thom Yorke has now opted for a less revolutionary revolutionary way of selling his music, by whamming it all up on Bandcamp, like every other direct-to-fan artist in the world (well, apart from those using ReverbNation, Music Glue etc).

Hypebot has noted that Yorke is now selling ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ in full and a whole brand new track too via the popular direct-to-fan set up. He’s opted to offer the album on a pay-what-you-want basis – an approach which, to be fair, did seem pretty revolutionary when his band Radiohead did it in 2007, but which is pretty common on Bandcamp now – though this time he’s added a minimum price-point, also common on the D2F site, of $6.99. A vinyl version of the record is available from the same web page for £30.

While setting up shop on Bandcamp likely won’t grab the headlines Yorke was assured by opting to use that new delivery system developed by BitTorrent, a company whose technology is more associated with music piracy, arguably this D2F store is much more fan-friendly.

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