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Thom Yorke releasing new solo album next week

By | Published on Friday 21 June 2019

Thom Yorke

Following a mysterious campaign of leafletting and projecting, Thom ‘Thom’ Yorke has announced that he will release his brand new solo album, ‘Anima’, next flipping week.

As some sort of explanation of the record, he offers this: “Definition of anima: an individual’s true inner self that in the analytic psychology of C G Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct. Also: an inner feminine part of the male personality”.

Here’s something we do know, it will contain songs. Nine of them. Ten if you buy the vinyl. One of them will be called ‘I Am A Very Rude Person’, which I hope I will enjoy listening to as much as I am enjoying the title on its own.

That vinyl release I mentioned won’t be available until 19 Jul. But didn’t I already say the album would be out next week? Yes, it will be available digitally from 27 Jun. I wish you’d trust me more.

Also out on 27 Jun will be a Paul Thomas Anderson directed Thom Yorke ‘one-reeler’ on Netflix. You might call a ‘one-reeler’ a short film. You might also call it a music video. Or maybe an extended music video. Or perhaps you wouldn’t even put that much thought into it. Anyway, it’s a thing and it’ll be on Netflix.

There will be live shows too. Lots of them between July and October. None in the UK though, so I’m not going to tell you any more about them.

You can pre-order the album in various forms, including in a big old box, via a dedicated ‘Anima’ website here.