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Thom Yorke solo album release advised by students

By | Published on Monday 20 October 2014

Thom Yorke

It turns out that Tom York from The Radio Heads didn’t devise the plan to release his new solo album through BitTorrent by himself. In fact, confounding all of your expectations, he went to some business students to ask for advice. Students are some of the worst culprits for accessing music illegally of course, so maybe it makes sense to talk to them when you’re trying to smash the system and that.

Anyway, apparently Yorkie and his managers at Courtyard went to the Saïd Business School to get some tips on avoiding “self-imposed gatekeepers”. According to Billboard, the MBA students advised on the user experience, media strategy and financial analysis of the ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ project. Which explain why the media strategy was so bloody patronising. They also came up with ideas for the release of the next Radiohead album too, so that’s something to look forward to.

Said a spokesperson for Courtyard Management: “It was immensely useful to have the input of the MBA students on data analysis and new marketing strategies. They produced a thorough and insightful document”.

A spokesperson for the university added: “The MBAs were able to put their learning into practice on the project, analysing fan and market data and bringing together new technologies to generate new ideas challenging conventional content distribution mechanisms”.

According to BitTorrent stats, Yorke’s album has now been downloaded almost four million times – though no stats have been released to say how many of those who downloaded it have paid the $6 to unlock the audio files within.