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Thousands gather to celebrate World Motern Day

By | Published on Friday 3 June 2016

Matt Farley

BBC Music Day? What the fuck is that? Happy World Motern Day, everyone! Today is the second attempt by prolific songwriter and 2014 CMU Artist Of The Year Matt Farley to earn $1 million in streaming income in a single day. All you have to do is listen to a playlist featuring 200 of the best of his 18,000 or so songs.

“If you listen to all 200 songs, I’ll earn a dollar”, says Farley. “The goal is to get a million people to listen to the whole playlist on Friday. That will make me an instant millionaire! Last year, only 300 people participated. I was devastated. My wife was so disappointed in me. Please don’t let this happen again!”

Listen on Spotify here or Google Play Music here. Do not let Matt down.