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Threatin’s Jered Eames loses legal battle with former bandmates after apparently pretending to move house

By | Published on Monday 13 May 2019


Threatin frontman Jered Eames and his wife Kelsey have lost lawsuits launched by session musicians hired for the band’s failed European tour. Default judgements were made after the couple failed to appear to defend themselves in court.

Guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis both filed legal action in December last year to recoup money for flights, living expenses and lost earnings after the Threatin tour collapsed in November. Court documents, first reported by Metal Sucks, show that Prunera was awarded the maximum $10,000 allowed in the small claims court, plus $250 court fees, while Davis recovered $3975.29. Davis’s mother Debra was also awarded $4,035.66 for money she loaned her son to book flights back to the US.

As you all surely remember, California-based Eames faked an online fanbase, news coverage, and record label, management company and PR agency for his Threatin project, enabling him to book a run of European shows. However, things unravelled after the tour began and the band played to a series of empty rooms. As venues began publicly commented on the scam – revealing that they’d been told the shows had nearly sold out through direct-to-fan sales – Prunera and Davis pulled out of the tour and the final tour dates were cancelled.

Court documents also show that two pieces of correspondence sent to the Eames relating to the cases against them were returned unopened, marked to say that the addressees were not known at that address. However, Kelsey was later served a court summons in person at the same location. Neither she nor her husband has responded to the claims, and they did not appear in court.

Prunera and Davis say they now plan to launch further action to secure their damages. Of course, if they want to track Eames and his wife down, they could always book tickets for Threatin’s upcoming show at The Underworld in Camden on 1 Nov – marking the first anniversary of the night that the band played to two people at the venue.

Eames is currently seeking a guitarist to join him for that show. His job posting stipulates that no vegans, people with large foreheads, residents of Montana or people who don’t understand how hilarious this all is are allowed to apply.