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Single Review: Three Trapped Tigers – 7/1 (Too Pure)

By | Published on Monday 6 July 2009

Three Trapped Tigers

The Too Pure Singles Club is fast attaining a reputation as a one-stop hipster shop, with Three Trapped Tigers joining a series of releases that has previously included singles from Bear Hands and Pulled Apart By Horses. Both great bands, but it’s Too Pure’s latest additions that do most to maintain the label’s eclectic and cutting edge reputation. A-side ‘7’ begins with a spasmodic, space age jazz introduction which manically splices time signatures. Immediately there’s a sense of nonchalant pride in their work, a sense that it’s all too easy to create a piece of this complexity. And we’re only just beginning. Soon it delves into cavernous bass overplayed by delicate harmonics. Then come the guitars, ferocious and futuristic. Eventually we’re given a moment of respite and xylophones swoop in from various angles, but it isn’t long lived before the fury of the electronics arise once more. It’s a musical journey like the baddest rollercoaster in any theme park – exhilarating, but give it a minute before you indulge again. GB

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