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Ticketmaster partners with Lisnr on audio-based ticketing system

By | Published on Thursday 6 July 2017


Live Nation’s Ticketmaster has partnered with “ultrasonic audio technology” company Lisnr to implement a new smartphone-based ticketing system. Rather than having to scan a barcode or QR code, the system will allow ticketholders to enter venues using an inaudible audio tone transmitted by their phones.

Lisnr reckons this is cheaper to implement than other digital ticketing systems and provides better protection against secondary ticketing. It also provides other benefits for promoters and venues, in that scanners can be placed around a venue to track ticketholders’ movements once they’re through the door – similar to Bluetooth beacons. This information can then be used for crowd management, to push messages to people’s phones and more.

“We used identity as our North Star – our guiding light to develop a product that makes each individual fan experience the greatest it could be”, Ticketmaster’s EVP Product Justin Burleigh tells Venturebeat. “This means using identity to drive customised experiences based on who you are and where you are, eliminating fraud, resulting in a safer environment, and delivering more personalisation based on the specific event you’re attending”.

Watch yourself a video talking all this up here: