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Tim & Danny Music announces Warner Chappell alliance, signs new Sam Smith deal

By | Published on Tuesday 2 November 2021

Sam Smith

The music publishing wing of Tim & Danny Music has announced a new partnership with Warner Chappell, and via that partnership has signed a new deal with existing publishing client Sam Smith. So that’s nice, isn’t it? Everyone’s happy.

Says the Tim of Tim & Danny Music, that being a very happy Tim Blacksmith: “Sam is an exceptional artist and one of the most impactful songwriters in music today. This next chapter with them is a significant one and continues the successful partnership we’ve had with Sam for the past eight years. We’re equally as proud and excited to be on this journey with Guy and the brilliant team at Warner Chappell and look forward to all the amazing work we’ll do together”.

Meanwhile, super happy Warner Chappell CEO Guy Moot adds: “Sam is truly one of the world’s greatest talents, as both a captivating performer and inspiring songwriter, and it’s wonderful to be working with them again. I’m also quite THRILLED about our new business relationship with Tim and Danny, two of my oldest friends in the music industry and incredible entrepreneurs. They have an outstanding track record, including supporting Sam since the beginning, and I know this is the start of a long and successful partnership”.

“Quite THRILLED”. Hmm, that’s a new one. Well, we’re quite THRILLED too. Not least because, with its new Warner Chappell alliance, Tim & Danny Music – which also has label and management operations – says it plans to “identify and nurture top songwriting talent with a focus on the UK and international markets”.

That’s all well and good, of course, but where’s the Sam Smith quote? You came here for a Sam Smith quote, didn’t you? Well, sorry, I don’t have one. We ran out of time. And budget. And interest. Plus, I’m not 100% convinced you deserve a Sam Smith quote. What have you done lately to warrant a Sam Smith quote? Fuck off with your endless demands for a Sam Smith quote.

No, not really, of course I have a Sam Smith quote. Are you ready for the Sam Smith quote? Here we go, here it is, all lined up for you, the grand old Sam Smith quote. They’re going to mention Danny, of course – you know, the Danny of Tim & Danny – which is Danny D, in case you’d forgotten. They’ll probably also big up Carianne, which is to say Warner Chappell COO Carianne Marshall, because, well, I know I would. I think that’s all the background and context you need, though. So let’s do this shall we? It’s the big old Sam Smith quote. Brace yourselves people.

“I’m so excited to carry on my musical journey with Tim and Danny who have supported me since the beginning of my career, and also really happy to team up with Guy, Carianne and the Warner Chappell family. Looking forward to this next chapter of my career”.

Yeah, I oversold that a bit didn’t I? Should have stopped at “quite THRILLED”. Sorry.