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Tinie Tempah plans fashion line

By | Published on Friday 6 January 2012

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah is the latest in a long line of rappers to launch a fashion label, though he’d like you all to know he’s not just the latest in a long line of rappers to launch a fashion label. That is to say, he doesn’t want us all to think he’s living the jack-of-all-trades cliché of a cash-in rapper, adding that we’ll be buying Tinie Tempah clothing not because it’s Tinie Tempah clothing, but because he’ll be flogging some very fine shirts.

The rapper told Q: “I really want to stay away from that whole hip hop cliché – ‘He’s a rapper turned fashion designer turned actor turned property developer’. I want people to walk into a shop and not immediately think, ‘Tinie Tempah’, but think, ‘That’s a nice shirt’ or ‘That’s a nice tee’… Basically I’ve tried to make it into a standalone brand, like Folk, Joe Casely-Hayford or House Of Billiam. There’s a lot of creative designers in the UK – we should support more”.

Despite confirming plans for a clothing range, Tinie also revealed he has been working out so he himself can wear fewer clothes when performing. Continues Tempah: “There were occasions during the festivals last year when I wanted to take off my shirt, but the time wasn’t right. I’ve been going to the gym and learning to box. By summer I want to be in tip-top shape”.