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Tinie Tempah releases rap app

By | Published on Thursday 6 February 2014

TInie Tempah

Have you ever wanted to rap like Tinie Tempah? OK, have you ever wanted to be able to replace your mouth with the one usually found on Tinie Tempah’s face? Now we’re talking. Cos he’s got a new app that will let you do just that.

Next time you are in an area – a shop, perhaps, or a motorway service station – where you hear a song from Tempah’s second album ‘Demonstration’, you can open this app on your phone and it will play a synced video of the rapper’s mouth saying the words. You can then either look at that for a while, or put it in front of your own mouth. People will then come up to you and say things like, “Hey, you are a good rapper”, or, “Hey, why are you doing that?”

The app uses Shazam-like technology to recognise the song, but is extra clever because it can work out exactly how far into the song you are, in order to properly sync you up. And that’s a pretty cool thing that could have applications elsewhere. And probably more useful applications that this.

The mouth-close-up video for ‘Lover Not A Fighter’ comes pre-loaded in the app, while others can be downloaded for free. And if you already have any other ‘Demonstration’ songs on your phone, the videos for those will be playable automatically too.

Says Tinie: “Making this app was so fun! Hope you have even more fun using it”.

That’s nice, isn’t it? There’s a trailer for the app here, but this video gives a better idea of what it actually does: