Tinie Tempah to appear on Bieber TV special

By | Published on Tuesday 15 November 2011

Tinie Tempah

Justin Bieber has recorded one of those terrible ITV pop specials, which would figure, the TV division of his label Universal Music is usually behind most of those shows.

The Bieber special was recorded last weekend and will air later this month, with the teen star singing various songs, including a number from his previously reported Christmas album, in front of an audience of celebrities and competition winners. There’ll also be some “comedy sketches”, and a contest where fans compete for a shag in the toilets backstage.

It also looks like Tinie Tempah will guest to do some rapping (well, it is nearly Christmas), most likely providing the Busta Rhymes bit for the Biebster’s version of ‘Drummer Boy’. We assume this because Bieber tweeted this weekend: “Shooting this ITV Special for ‘Under The Mistletoe’ here in London and u know I had to bring my guy Tinie Tempah through foe a UK REMIX!”

Meanwhile Tempah himself tweeted the same night: “Just done something incredible!”